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An Experiment in the Future of Computing

My friend Kam always tells me that I’m too serious on my blog. This is probably a fair assessment, I suppose. For a change, I thought I’d try posting about something a little less serious.

I love my gadgets. I especially love my Apple gadgets. So are, I have owned or currently own:

  • MacBook Pro (15″)
  • 1 G3 iBook (12″)
  • 1 PPC Mac Mini
  • 1 2nd Gen iPod
  • 1 iPod Mini
  • 1 2nd Gen iPod Nano
  • 1 4th Gen iPod Nano
  • 1 1st Gen iPhone
  • 1 iPhone 3G

…and of course…my iPad.

I posted my thoughts about the iPad when it was first announced and well before I had actually purchased one, which I only did a few months ago. And I have to say, the device has worked its way right into that gap between my laptop (where I do “work”) and my iPhone (where I now only do light content consumption).

In my original post, I talked about how the “computer” as we know it will become decentralized, eventually reincarnating itself as multiple network connected devices. Now that I actually own one of these “magical” devices, how is that working out?

That leads me to my experiment. This entire post was written using the following setup:

The photos are, admittedly, not as great as they could be – taken on my iPhone 3G, which I’ve always thought had a pretty sub-par camera.

Typing using the Apple wireless keyboard paired with the iPad via Bluetooth saved me some aggravation. Having said that, the 12 South Compass stand also has a configuration you an use that places the iPad at a slight angle, making it better for typing.

As for apps, I used a combination of the WordPress app for iPad and the WordPress web application in mobile Safari. The WordPress app is, I find, a bit on the clunky, buggy side, but it’s ok for drafting a quick post. I also had to use the app to upload my photos into the WordPress media gallery so that I could include them in my post.

Speaking of photos, getting them onto my iPad was perhaps less than ideal – I had to email them to myself. I suppose if I had the iPhone version of the WordPress app installed, I could have added the pictures directly to the media library from there.

So there it is: my “experiment”. Is it something the average non-technically inclined user could do? Maybe, maybe not. Could it be that way in the not too distant future? I think so.

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